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A secure HIPAA & SAS70 compliant file transfer and management application from Brave River Solutions.

File Cloud is web-based file transfer solution that offers comprehensive file and folder management, multiple permission levels, file encryption, and large file storage. It provides an easy way to securely store, share, or send large files (like spreadsheets, databases, multi-media documents, etc.) at any time, from anywhere.

Why FileCloud?

File transfers are simple with File Cloud. Its user-friendly interface allows for intuitive file loading and management, making it a snap to securely share information both inside and outside of your organization.

With File Cloud, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to critical information. All you need is a web-browser.
  • The ability to send large files. Share files of any size or type without facing the restrictions of email box limits.
  • Web-based file sharing that’s more secure than an FTP site.
  • HIPAA-compliant file sharing & storage. File Cloud also meets SAS70 compliance regulations.
  • A user-friendly file transfer application. Select one or more files from your computer or network, and upload them to the File Cloud with one click.
  • Multiple permission levels. Easily assign role-based permissions to employees and clients, setting appropriate access levels for a variety of workspaces, actions, and file classifications.
  • Secure, 256-bit encryption on all files.
  • Text and/or email alerts for time-sensitive uploads. You can choose to automatically send out alerts to users’ emails or cell phones when you upload an urgent file.
  • Phone/email support. Although File Cloud is so simple that you probably won’t need any help, we’re here if you do.
  • Simple, tiered-style organization of folders and files.
  • The option to brand your File Cloud with your own logo. Clients will know they’re in the right place when they see your company’s name and logo.

How Does it Work?

Once a user is logged-in, he’s able to see the different groups or workspaces to which he has been granted access. Once a group is selected, the folders and files for that group are displayed along with whichever file transfer options coincide with the user’s permission level. (Options include downloading files, uploading files, creating new folders, moving files, renaming files and folders, subscribing to alerts, etc.)

Administrative users will also have the ability to manage users and groups. By simply typing a name, an admin can create a new user group that has its own set of access rules. Permissions can be set for each user with the use of a simple list of check-boxes. With such an intuitive user interface, it’s no wonder that File Cloud is one of the simplest file transfer options out there.

To see File Cloud in action, View Demo